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Use of AI in business drives increase in consulting services

The slice of businesses using external providers for AI uptake is set to more than double, according to U.S. Census survey data. Industry leaders say that tracks with their outlook.


Ukraine IT services firms target new markets as exports drop

Ukrainian IT services firms are eyeing new geographic markets and exploring digital transformation as the war and a difficult economy shrink international sales.


AWS partner competency asks for GenAI tech, business skills

The cloud provider's generative AI certification takes months to complete, involves numerous technical and operational demands, and requires four detailed customer case studies.


Digital transformation spending rides on CX, AI

Spending on digital transformation could get an increase this year from businesses seeking to improve customer experience and boost efficiency through automation and AI.

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    service-level agreement (SLA)

    A service-level agreement (SLA) is a contract between a service provider and its customers that documents what services the provider will furnish and defines the service standards the provider is obligated to meet. A service-level commitment (SLC) ...

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    RMM software (remote monitoring and management software)

    RMM software (remote monitoring and management software) is a type of application that information technology (IT) service providers and departments use to maintain their clients' and business organizations' IT assets, infrastructure and systems.

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    cloud provisioning

    Cloud provisioning is the allocation of a cloud provider's resources and services to a customer.

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