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Businesses need to prepare for SEC climate rules, EU's CSRD

While the SEC's new climate rules and the EU's CSRD are both facing delays, businesses still need to identify methods for collecting and assessing climate data.


A green IT assessment: Why it's important, what to include

A company's technology systems and devices can have a profound effect on sustainability efforts. Learn how a green IT assessment can uncover areas that need improvement.


AI to boost sustainability if carbon costs are kept in check

AI has the potential to drive ESG goals and improve sustainability outcomes, but using the tech also creates considerable environmental cost with the amount of energy needed.


Blueprint for IT sustainability: Insights from top experts

Leading experts share insights on sustainable IT, covering green cloud computing, ESG compliance and innovative practices for reducing the ecological footprint in IT.

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Sustainability and ESG Basics

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    Green IT audit: What it is and how to prepare

    A green IT audit uses standards to help companies understand the ways an organization's tech practices affect the environment. Here's a broad overview and some tips to get started.

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    5 ways to reduce an organization's digital carbon footprint

    From optimizing video conferences to minimizing unnecessary data storage, learn practical strategies that can help shrink an organization's digital carbon footprint.

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    embodied carbon

    Embodied carbon is the measurable greenhouse gas emissions of an infrastructure's entire construction, maintenance and demolition processes.

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