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Lenovo, AMD broaden AI options for customers

Lenovo is expanding its partnership with AMD to bring more options for servers and HCI devices aimed at AI. It also launched an AI advisory and professional services offering for customers.


Infrastructure for machine learning, AI requirements, examples

Infrastructure for machine learning, deep learning and AI has component and configuration requirements. Compare hardware and how it goes together in an HCI or high-density system.


Dell partners with Intel, releases file storage for Azure

With the recent Intel and Azure partnerships, Dell continues to expand its on-premises options for AI while expanding its Apex data file services in the cloud.

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How to install and run Podman on Rocky Linux

Rocky Linux can run and install Podman, an open source Linux tool and competitor to Docker that uses containers to find, run and deploy applications. Run Podman on Rocky Linux now.

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Data Center Basics

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    emergency power off (EPO) button

    The emergency power off button, also called an EPO switch or EPO panel, is a safety measure for quickly disconnecting electrical power to a particular piece of equipment or facility in the event of an emergency.

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    single pane of glass

    A single pane of glass is a management console that presents data from multiple sources in a unified display.

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    How to calculate data center cooling requirements

    Data center cooling requirements are affected by several factors, including the equipment's heat output, floor area, facility design and electrical system power rating.

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