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Learn the phases of feature-driven development

Learn how development teams can use the five phases of feature-driven development to put Agile principles into practice by structuring projects around app functionality.


New Google Gemini AI tie-ins dig into local codebases

Google ties in its latest Gemini AI model with company-specific data in a new code assistant and Vertex AI updates that also anticipate a coming wave of AI agent development.

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Learn Jenkins: Tutorial for beginners

Jenkins is a popular open source CI/CD tool, and it's not hard to learn either. Learn to build your own CI/CD pipelines with this full Jenkins tutorial for beginners.


JetBrains IDEs add local AI code completion

JetBrains beats GitHub Copilot to an increasingly popular trend that circumvents copyright and data privacy concerns with cloud-based AI assistants.

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Software Quality Basics

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    cross-browser testing

    Cross-browser testing, also called browser testing, is a quality assurance (QA) process that checks whether a web-based application, site or page functions as intended for end users across multiple browsers and devices.

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    feature-driven development (FDD)

    Feature-driven development (FDD) is an Agile software development framework that organizes work around product features.

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    DevOps Dojo

    A DevOps Dojo is a place where DevOps team members go for hands-on training.

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